AUSET is a collaborative Retreat created by a team of well-established Bellydance schools in Perth, including the Hip Joint / Studio 44 (Wangara), Blue Lotus Room (Morley), The Koort (Midland) & Tribal from the Heart (Fremantle). Many guest teachers and speakers are invited to partake in this friendly, communal event! 

Stay tuned, more information will be released soon.

Meet your AUSET Team!

Collaboration Between 4 Western Australian Bellydance Schools

  • Zahara Dance Company (Midland)
  • Hip Join / Studio 44 (Wangara)
  • Soul Sista Tribe (Fremantle)
  • Blue Lotus Room (Morley)

Tabetha Vagliviello - Zahara Dance Company

Tabetha will be presenting Egyptian Saiidi and Shaabi at the AUSET event!
Zahara Dance Company is a multicultural company founded in 2014 by Tabetha Vagliviello. A group of hard working women of various ages with a shared passion for dance and movement from around the world, have come together to form Zahara Dance Company Inc. a multifaceted multi dimensional dance company. Incorporating many world styles for example Middle Eastern Dance, Australian Indigenous dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Greek plus more. Enjoy the Sat and Sun at her new amazing new multi-studio space in Midland.
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Kim Astle - Hip Joint/Studio 44

Kim will be sharing Egyptian Baladi with Zills & Spanish Fusion at the AUSET event!
Kim runs the The Hip Joint in Wangara - a lovely large Bellydance Studio situated 20mins North of the Perth CBD, where she enjoys teaching her students both traditional and modern styles of bellydance, as well as Zumba fitness. Kim is passionate about Egyptian and Romani dance, as well as various fusion styles including Spanish Bellydance fusion. See more at

Richelle Spencer - Tribal from the Heart

Richelle is sharing Tribal themes - from 'Earth Goddesses' to Futuristic Tribal at the AUSET event! Richelle regularly performs with her dance troupes Soul Sista Tribe, Gypsy Magick & CPWA locally and regionally all over WA. She is a certified Collective Soul 1 to 5 dancer, and has undertaken Teacher Training Level 1,2 & 3 and is a Tribal Grooves Master Teacher. Her passion is sharing the beauty and connectedness of Tribal group dancing, and nurturing the warmth the shared experience facilitates. See more at

Keti Sharif & Sam Nascimento - Blue Lotus Room

Keti presents Pharaonic Dance & Classical Raqs Sharqi, and Sam teaches Arabic Drumming at AUSET! The Blue Lotus Room is a Pyramid-themed studio located in Morley. Keti passion is Egyptian dance and culture, which she shares with percussionist Sam, who researches and teaches Arabic rhythms & creates live music events. From traditional to modern styles, as well as the mythological aspects of ancient Egypt, Middle Eastern cultural arts are heart and soul combined artistry. Enjoy the opening day, Fri 12th Jan at the Blue Lotus Room. See more at

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