AUSET 2025 Teachers

AUSET Summer Bellydance Retreat

Perth, Western Australia
Celebrating the Pioneers of Bellydance in Australia
17-19 Jan 2025

  • The AUSET Bellydance Retreat is a joyful, collaborative Summertime Bellydance event held in Perth, Western Australia
  • Join fun workshops at Northern & Eastern suburbs studios
  • Celebrate diversity, artistry & wellbeing in a warm environment
  • Celebrate AUstralian Sharqi, Ethnic & Tribal styles of dance
  • Enjoy dancing, drumming, performance, workshops & more!

Perth, 17-19 Jan 2025

Celebrating the Pioneers of Bellydance in Australia; Belyssa, Amera and Terezka!

Meet your AUSET Teachers & Team

Featured Guest - Belyssa

Belyssa, the Matriarch of Australian bellydance, journeyed from New York to Perth, creating the Belyssa & the Flames of Araby Belly Dance Troupe. She continues to inspire with cultural knowledge and creative artistry. She'll be sharing years of experience and research, including the Bedouin culture of Egypt.

Featured Guest - Terezka

Terezka's heartfelt dancing and live music experiences in her Sydney studio, paved the way for many to explore 'Danse Orientale' and trance styles. Her contracts included Belgium, Spain, Morocco. An exemplary Middle Eastern Dance Teacher, she trained many dancers who went on to reach great heights.

Featured Guest - Amera

Amera Eid is Sydney's trail-blazer and former owner of Amera's Palace boutique. An accomplished performer and teacher with over 40 years of experience, she has held many dance residencies in the Middle East. One of the first main performers in Lebanon and abroad, she has many adventures to share with you!

Team - Tabetha Vagliviello

Principal of Zahara dance Company, and host of the lovely double studio and theatre Koort complex in Midland!

Team - Keti Sharif

Creator of A-Z Bellydance, festival founder (Australia & Egypt) and co-owner of Blue Lotus Room, Morley. 

Team - Kim Astle

Director of Studio 44, The Hip Joint in Wangara, Kim is a passionate dance teacher & also a Zumba Instructor.

Guest - Richelle Spencer

Guest Richelle is a Teacher of Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance, creating 'magick' in circle with women.

Guest - Sam Nascimento

Guest Sam, from Blue Lotus Room teaches Arabic Darbuka, and produced 40 Arabic Rhythms CD.

Guest - Suhayla

Guest Suhayla from Zahara Dance Company teaches graceful ways of dancing with wings!

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Great savings when you book a whole day of workshops, just $130-$150 each day!

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